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What is Interior Designing?

Ask the question ‘Who is an interior designer?” and most of the people will reply “interior designers are people who decorate interiors”. However, that answer is factually incorrect. Interior designers are more than mere decorators. While decorating is the furnishing of an interior with beautiful things, interior designing is more to do with human behaviour and human interaction.

It is interesting to note that the term ‘interior designer’ appeared in general usage only after the Second World War. In a sense, it is still a young profession as compared to others like doctors and engineers.  Interior designing deals with the layout, construction, and overall appeal of interior spaces such as rooms and offices. It is therefore a harmony of both beauty and science.
In India, Interior design is an academic discipline related to architecture that takes 2 / 3 / 4 years to complete, while a degree in architecture takes 5 years.  Pune being a leading city for academic institutions has in excess of 15 interior designing colleges.

Definition of an Interior Designer

Coming back to the original question, there are many definitions of interior designing.  The most commonly accepted definition of interior design comes from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), USA. It is accepted by most interior designers from all parts of the world.

“Interior design is a multifaceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. Designs are created in response to and coordinated with the building shell, and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project. Designs must adhere to code and regulatory requirements, and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability. The interior design process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to produce an interior space that fulfills the project goals.’

Whatever the definition, interior design can be rewarding and satisfactory career if you have the verve, technical proficiency, vision, and are dedicated to your work. In addition, interior designers should have good communication skills as well.