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Interior Design

We as designers fulfill clients’ aspirations to create ‘beauty and utility’ interiors through our contemporary designs. Our diverse experience has helped us to prepare site specific designs using vibrant and refreshing colour schemes. Our interior design philosophy focuses on the use of high-quality materials and fluency in circulation and ergonomics.

We expertise in creating utilitarian yet visually aesthetic projects based on the principles of sustainability & energy efficiency. Our USP is catering to clients’ budget, time bound executions and use of latest innovations.

We have experience of doing Interiors of showrooms and offices for large companies like Bharti Airtel Ltd. as Consultant Architects all over Maharashtra & Goa which demonstrates our versatile ability to complete projects across multiple locations.

Architectural Design

At Modulararch, we believe in converting clients’ requirements into a good architectural design with intricate detailing and versatile use of spaces. We provide integrated architectural design solutions which incorporate natural elements of the site.

The salient features of our Architectural Design are well worked out spatial planning, design theme, choice of appropriate materials, harnessing of wind and solar energy etc. These features help to make the new buildings energy efficient and future-ready.

We have adapted to the modern-day life styles having a synergy of traditional construction practices and use of modern technological innovations. Our spaces speak for themselves and showcase our talent exhibiting vibrant liveable spaces. We have associated Consultants in fields of Structural Design, Electrical design, plumbing etc. and work with them till the completion of the project.

Redevelopment Consultancy

Planning and executing the redevelopment of your apartment or society is a challenging task and might involve countless problems. This is where the services of an experienced architect can be very significant. Acknowledge that you do not have to do everything on your own, delegate it to us and relax.

We provide conceptualizations and assessment services, technical and financial analysis of developers’ offers, verifications of plans and elevations, design suggestions and compliance. We will work for you right from the Initial Feasibility Report till the Completion Stage of the Redevelopment Project, ensuring that all requirements of the Society Members are taken care of throughout. Clients have frequently realised how crucial it is to rely on professional advice for solving construction issues that may arise during their projects.

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